We specialise in

Executive Leadership Development | Business Coaching | Sales Training

by building high performing teams

Leadership Development . Training Workshops . One-on-one Business Coaching

  • Team building

  • Change management

  • Performance management

  • Revenue generation/sales

  • Communication

  • Personality styles/profiling/360 degree leadership

  • Conflict management

  • Stress management

  • Time management



You may qualify:

Any organisation with under 50 employees looking to do one-on-one training or training workshops through us may be eligible for vouchers for some funding towards the costs. Please contact us to see if you are eligible.


Why us? You will be able to:

  • Increase your bottom line
  • Increase performance and productivity of your key people
  • Reduce stress and conflict
  • Implement a culture of trust
  • Build high performing robust teams
  • Self manage both your time and energy
  • Clarify roles, performance measures and accountability
  • Future proof your business


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    We are committed to assisting businesses throughout New Zealand
    to grow their biggest business asset – their people

    Our success in executive leadership development and business coaching come from being able to develop specific, tailored training and/or coaching for individuals or teams across all levels of the organisation. By aligning behaviour and attitudes, of those who impact and influence others, to the organisational values and strategic goals, trust is either restored or enhanced resulting in greater engagement and individual ownership of outcomes.

    What others say about us

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    Lynn’s pragmatic business focus will assist with not only empowering your people, but the end result is certain to make a positive impact on your bottom line.Denise Cooper Calder Stewart GM people and Safety
    I have found Lynn a pleasure to work with. Her coaching techniques and ability to uncover the underlying obstruction to achievement of particular goals is impressive. Lynn is very approachable, calm and encouraging. I found her structured and practical coaching methods easy to understand and apply.Adrian Mathieson, Regional Manager, Calder Stewart Construction Ltd, Christchurch
    Lynn, you do a great job and I won’t be alone with that statement. Those that know you will agree that you're not only a great coach, but an inspiration doing what you do. We often have some tough things to deal with at work and at home, you are always on point and show great composure with all you do! Big thanks from me...Will Mahon Steel Division Manager Calder Stewart Industries
    I started to build up my arsenal of tools and more importantly change my mindset which has ultimately transformed my career. After three years my income has gone from struggling to meet minimum standards to having increased by 400%...Paul Foster IronBridge Real Estate



      Our Executive Leadership Development and Business Coaching will help you create highly productive and inspirational leaders! We are located in Christchurch, but work with clients throughout New Zealand.