Teamwork Development

This is how WE CAN HELP YOU create highly productive and inspirational leaders

  • High Performing Sales Team Training

    Provides your sales people, influencers, and business development managers, who are the life-blood of your business, with clarity, tools and techniques to close any gaps in their skills and mindset.

  • Communication workshops “Understanding Differing Personality Style”

    creates self awareness of own communication style, understanding of others styles, and enables individuals to take responsibility for the way they communicate. What that means for you is having highly functioning teams that work well inter-divisionally.

  • Values Alignment and Engagement Workshops

    individually designed workshops that ensures values are applied, not implied and then aligns individual values with organisational values, which creates the desired organisational culture.

  • Restoring/Building Trust Workshops

    understanding what breaks down trust within teams forms the basis of rebuilding a high performance team.

  • Leadership Programs and E-Learning

    face to face group workshops which is blended with E-Learning workshops that enable sustainable modular learning in an ongoing way. What that means for you is a way of delivering leadership training that has measures, learning and participation in a cost effective way.

  • 360 Degree Self Development Tools

    gives participants awareness on how their thinking impacts on how they relate to others, problem solve and make decisions. Coaching then provides clear actions to grow the constructive leadership styles, reduce the ineffective ones and remove the destructive styles

  • MBTI – Myers Briggs profiling tool

    provides an insight into the preferences that people are born and why people behave in a certain way and how best to communicate with them with the purpose of developing their least preferred functions.


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