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I was looking for clear guidance and clarity of management of a number of areas of business and life generally. What I gained was real insight and clarity on steps to move forward and it has helped without question. Having a decisive person in Lynn is key, as it was less about talk and certainly more about action! I most certainly do   recommend Lynn and have already referred her.  BDO Phillip Roth, Advisory Partner
Lynn was initially engaged to help me with Leadership Training, which she did very well and the training benefited myself, my team and my business.  Since then we've engaged her with developing our sales team, where she's made a significant contribution once again.  Her knowledge is diverse and her training make a difference.  I'm happy to recommend her! Greg Morehouse, Managing Director, Motovated Design & Analysis
I've benefited greatly from the one-on-one coaching with Lynn of OutOnaLym® Consulting. Firstly Lynn has kept me on the straight and narrow by ensuring I don't wonder off with big picture thinking when it's necessary to be pinpoint focused on the task at hand. Lynn is great at challenging my thinking and is forever forcing me to expand outside of my natural comfort zone... this has resulted in some well needed personal growth and development. Lynn also has the natural ability to create master-classes on the fly by delivering relevant coaching that talks directly to the needs as they occur… in other words, Lynn really knows her stuff and doesn't deliver off a paint-by-numbers script. While at times testing, working with Lynn is a pleasure. Craig Haywood, Sales Director, Motovated Design & Analysis
Lynn is an energetic and very responsive coach with a genuine desire to help others. Proven business person who does and says what she does, just what you need to get back on track. She adds tremendous value to every relationship she makes with others. Trust me, you won't regret getting connected or partnering with Lynn. She’s dedicated to her work and to the people she is offering her services to. It is an honour to recommend Lynn to anyone who wants results. Isaac Tanner-Dempsey, Contact Broker
I have been working with Lynn over the past few years in Professional Coaching/Leadership Development. The past 2 years have been challenging for me both professionally and personally - Lynn’s ability to coach and assist with providing the format to find the solutions within to meet those challenges, as well as providing assistance in developing individual skills, has been exemplary. With Lynn's assistance I undertook an LSI self-development programme which has provided fantastic results for me in my professional role but also in my personal life. This has made me a better person when working with my team, achieving improved results for the business overall, but also ensuring I make the most of ‘my time’. I have found Lynn a pleasure to work with. Her coaching techniques and ability to uncover the underlying obstruction to achievement of particular goals is impressive. Lynn is very approachable, calm and encouraging.  I found her structured and practical coaching methods easy to understand and apply. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynn to anyone who wants to develop their Leadership skills. A big thank you Lynn and I look forward to continuing to work with you. Adrian Mathieson, Regional Manager, Calder Stewart Construction Ltd, Christchurch
2013 has been an exciting year for us with the opportunity to work closely with Lynn on up-skilling our management teams.  Her down to earth approach, her ability to connect on a practical level with no airy fairy "bs" has been invaluable in establishing credibility within our “boys in boots” construction environment. I have particularly enjoyed watching the light bulb moments followed by leaping into and embracing the new skills learned. No matter the nature of your workplace, Lynn’s pragmatic business focus will assist with not only empowering your people, but the end result is certain to make a positive impact on your bottom line. Denise Cooper, HR Manager, Calder Stewart Shared Services Ltd, Milton
Summary of Coaching Feedback
Coaching Achievement Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree
I am satisfied with what I achieved during the coaching journey - - - 4 -
Overall Coach Rating Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly agree
1 Least Value - 5 Exceptional Value - - - 4.5 -
How has coaching benefitted you? I believe I needed to evolve and adapt a new school approach to leadership What new strengths/qualities/learnings have you uncovered in yourself?
  • Staff have a greater respect for me as a leader
  • True leadership qualities - developing people not robots
  • Greater Self belief
  • Prioritisation of time, utilising a plan
  • Better overall culture in the business, not an 'us and them' mentality
Comments: Fantastic journey - this was a pleasure to be a part of; to take a good look in the mirror, believe in myself and unlock/enhance the necessary skills to become not only a better leader but a better person. Wayne Armadoros, Manufacturing Manager, Calder Stewart Roofing Ltd, Invercargill
I am finding the coaching extremely useful, informative and eye opening.  Lynn has a great way of making you look at yourself through other's eyes - something I'd not considered before and now a tool I increasingly find myself using. Once again, thanks for the opportunity. I am thoroughly enjoying it and I'd like to think the business is benefiting from it also in that I am becoming a better manager as a result. Jeff Sutherland, Commercial Manager, Calder Stewart Construction Ltd, Christchurch
Summary of Coaching Feedback
Coaching Achievement Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree
I am satisfied with what I achieved during the coaching journey - - - - 5
Overall Coach Rating Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly agree
1 Least Value - 5 Exceptional Value - - - 4 -
How has coaching benefitted you?
  • Ability to believe in what I am doing
  • Ability to stand back and look at what and how I proceed
  • Great personal confidence
  • Ability to listen better and not judge
  • Set a better working platform for colleagues
  • Confidence in decisions made
  • Has given me the ability to stand back and look at "The Big Picture"
Kelvin O'Connell, North Island Operations Manager, Calder Stewart Construction Ltd
What was the situation you were in that required coaching? 
  • My manager rolled out coaching to a group of senior staff and I was one of these staff members.  The first thing that I discussed with Lynn as my coach was the performance review process that was underway at the time when I had received very negative feedback about my performance from my manager.
What would have been your outcome right now if you hadn’t had coaching?
  • I do not think that I would have been able to improve the relationship with my manager as much or as quickly without this coaching.
 Would you recommend coaching with Lynn?
  • yes
Toni Cocker, Systems Accountant, Calder Stewart Industries, Milton
Lynn has achieved great results in filling our managers and prospective managers with soft skill tools to fill their managerial toolbox. We retained Lynn to assist staff who had been recently promoted, or were on a pathway for promotion based on technical skills, but had identified some soft skill deficiencies.  I strongly recommend to other professional service firms to consider OutOnaLym® Consulting and happy to discuss in more depth the benefits that have accrued to BDO. Audit Partner, BDO Christchurch
I have been seeing Lynn for the past two years for coaching. I have found this to be very beneficial both in my professional and personal life.  Over the past two years I have learnt a great deal about myself and how to get the most out of everything I do. One of my biggest achievements this year has been losing 80kgs which is no mean feat for anyone but with Lynn's encouragement and a lot of hard work I am almost at goal. I have also just recently been promoted to Assistant Manager at my workplace.  As part of my next step in my career I will be required to attract clients and develop relationships. I have had limited experience in this area and Lynn has been very helpful in assisting my development of these skills. Time management and organisation has always been an impediment to my success, and with Lynn's help we have developed effective strategies to overcome this. I have found my time working with Lynn to date of great benefit and am thankful that my firm has provided me with this opportunity. James Peck, BDO
  • I have worked with Lynn for over a year, she has been an inspiration to me.
  • Our work together has seen me grow exponentially in my soft-skills on a professional basis which has gained me a promotion to manager, great relationships with my bosses and colleagues and clients.
  • These skills also improved my private life.
  • Lynn’s intuitiveness is outstanding and on many occasions had prepared our sessions with just what I needed to work on at the time.
  • She is also very adaptable to deal with whatever pressing thing we may have needed to cover on the spot.
  • I highly recommend Lynn for one-on-one and group session coaching as her knowledge and flexibility gains her instant respect for her field and achieves excellent results.
Inga Schrieber, BDO
We’re very proud of Paul’s recent personal development. Since working more closely with you he has developed more self belief in his sales role and has become more focused, committed, and successful salesperson. Branch Manager (Auckland), Iron Bridge Real Estate Ltd
As you know, when I first came to see you a couple of years back, I was not reaching targets and certainly wasn't receiving quarterly bonuses. After a number of fortnightly face to face and phone coaching sessions, I started to build up my arsenal of tools and more importantly change my mindset which has ultimately transformed my career. After applying the material and mindset you gave me, I started moving from a newbee in sales to a confident professional. After three years, my income has gone from struggling to meet minimum standards to having increased by 400% and tomorrow, I’ll receive a quarterly bonus of 1.5 times higher than my first year's income!! So thanks again for great coaching and for again reminding me that even though things have come on in leaps and bounds, the importance of continuing the coaching is to reach the 'unconscious competence' and ultimately 'mastery' stages. Paul Foster, Sales Partner, Iron Bridge Real Estate Ltd, Auckland
Summary of Coaching Feedback
Coaching Achievement Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree
I am satisfied with what I achieved during the coaching journey - - - - 5
Overall Coach Rating Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly agree
1 Least Value - 5 Exceptional Value - - - - 5
How has coaching benefitted you?
  • Gained insight into my leadership style
  • Letting go of much of the ‘doing’, leading more
  • Gained confidence in tackling work/problems that are outside my comfort zone
  • Lower stress levels
  • Implemented a closer/more available working style with the team - they seem more engaged and happier
Steve Higgs, Planning and Investment Manager, NZTA
As a business partner, I was initially a little sceptical about with this process might achieve and how relevant it might be to our professional practice, but have come to realise the importance of a whole raft of leadership matters never before considered. Lynn's ability to hone in on the underlying cause is impressive as is her understanding of personality traits and its effects on workplace learning and communication. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn to any business owner who is serious about raising the bar within their organisation. Stephen Crooks, Partner, Chaplin Crooks Architect Ltd, Christchurch
Rating Summary of Coaching Feedback - February 2014
Coaching Achievement Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree
I am satisfied with what I achieved during the coaching journey - - - - 5
Overall Coach Rating Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly agree
1 Least Value - 5 Exceptional Value - - - - 5
How has coaching benefitted you?
  • I found out that I'm an introvert and the way that I process things is alright and I'm not dumb.  I process info internally rather than vocally like extroverts.
  • I was always doubting my ability to do stuff and now know that if I put my mind to it I can do it and no longer doubt my ability to do so.
  • I think the biggest achievement would be my self-confidence.  I feel confident in the way I am and approaching new people.  I feel like I can interact with them without a problem, and speak up for myself.
  • One of my core values was health.  I've now been going to the gym for 8 months now. Done my first fun run of 12km.  I've been saying I was going to focus on my health for the past few years and have done nothing about it.  In which Lynn has inspired me to do so by setting some values.  Next step is 1/2 marathon.
Adam Ferguson, Branch Manager, Value Tyres
Lynn's practical and focused approach, own leadership experience, and coaching skill meant I always came away from the sessions with a plan and greater motivation to achieve a specific goal. I would recommend this type of practice to any busy leader or manager and I would particularly recommend Lynn as an absolutely outstanding coach.Dennis Peterson, Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua, Christchurch
Lynn Bray was referred to me by a colleague to help with restructuring of a superfluous position. Her knowledge of Employment law and guidance through the consultation process was invaluable. What seemed to be a daunting task was simplified by her structured approach and use of templates. Lynn’s calm professional demeanour at our consultation meetings helped everyone feel at ease. I would highly recommend her for any HR issues you have. Andrew Davies, Davies Furniture, Christchurch
Lynn has made a substantial contribution to GPC New Zealand’s company performance through her focus on individual coaching, team dynamics and company values. It pays dividends. Frank Owens, CEO, GPC Electronics Ltd, Christchurch
Gough Finance & Insurance recently contracted Lynn Bray to assist our management team through a restructure of our business. Lynn provided practical guidance for the restructure of our business. Lynn was able to draw on similar experiences to provide comfort to our staff which made a difficult process easier for both Staff and Management. Lynn was very professional and caring in her approach and I would happily recommend her to others looking for HR support while restructuring. David Page, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Gough Finance & Insurance, Auckland/Christchurch
Lynn was able to identify very early on that our inefficiencies came from the lack of direction, role clarity and expectations, at a Partnership level, which didn’t enable our people to take ownership of their activities and results. We have been able to effectively deal with non performers, identify learning gaps, and give our key staff a career pathway within our Practice.  This enables us to spend more time as Partners bringing in the type of clients we wish to attract.Stuart Lowe, CEO/Senior Client Advisor, Lowe & Associates Accountants, Christchurch
Lynn was able to get through to one of our team members in a way that we were not able to. She managed to get some honest reflection from that person which provided us with the platform to initiate change and develop that person for the benefit of the company and themselves.  Well worth the investment and a service I would use again in the future.Sarah Hill, Business Development Manager, FECPAK International, Invercargill
My Feedback technique. Is it ok if I give up some feedback. If the answer is no, there are general two reasons they wouldn’t want to hear any feedback. 1- Reason one, the timing is bad. - I would say we are going to have this conversation, so we can have it now or I would make a time, and I would ask so which would you prefer. 2- Reason two the person is reluctant to hear the feedback. - We are going to have this conversation this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Which would you prefer. If the person accepts hearing the feedback I would say. I noticed that …….. making the conversation brief and to the point. Positive Negative 1. The impact of that is ………. Could be…. I appreciate the effort or I briefly explain the outcome.. SHUT UP… I don’t say anything and listen to their response. Jason Smith, Crane Operations Manager, Calder Stewart Industries, Christchurch
We have had really positive feedback from the Team Building afternoon that you ran for our three Customer Delivery Teams. I thought the afternoon was very well thought out and you were very highly organised but also flexible too.Erena Tampeau, Human Resources Consultant, Kiwi Bank, Wellington
I am feeling so much more confident about my ability to price without discounting, securing work, and developing projects rather than just working in the business. You are playing a great part as coach. Thank you Lynn. Tama Pereto-Bristowe, Primo Painters, Hamilton


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