Courage to Persevere

Lynn Brayblog

This was posted recently which gave me paused to think about the courage needed to persevere
when obstacles appear in front of us. What I took from this was that sometimes even the smallest obstacles of seeming low importance, once achieved, have a multiplier affect on our belief in ourselves. This then reinforces our self belief in our ability to take the big stuff head on

Read the link below for the whole article and ask yourself

1. Where do I give up on the small stuff?
2. Is it really small stuff?
3. Does it matter if others think its small stuff or don’t see the value in it?
4. What difference would it make to my life if my belief in myself was greater than it is?

“Or maybe she knew intuitively that each person’s “edge” where they find a challenge and must stretch to do what they think they cannot, is different. Perhaps she could feel that each time she tried her fear was loosening its grip a little more. Certainly she showed no signs of giving up.”