Have you put yourself on the “sale rack”?

Lynn Brayblog

How often do we discount our value, put ourselves on the “sale rack”. Whether consciously or unconsciously, every time we settle for less or don’t trust our true worth that’s exactly what we do!

This is thinking based on fear of:

: Not being worthy
: People not wanting to pay full price for your service
: Not having enough money or clients
: Failure – getting it wrong, making a mistake
: Being found out – imposter syndrome
: Being alone – being rejected
: Not being able to find someone that treats you lovingly

Ultimately it comes down to trusting ourselves. We cannot possibly confidently trust others if we do not confidently trust ourselves. Of course I trust myself, is often what my clients say in response. It’s others who don’t deserve my trust.

But take a deeper look

Questions to ask yourself:

1. What gut feelings, instincts, or evidence do I choose not to see or act on?
2. What underlying beliefs do I have that prevents me from trusting that all is how it should be?
3. How is it serving me to hold onto those beliefs?
4. What is the payoff for me in not trusting myself?
5. Am I leaving myself a back door or escape route by not fully trusting myself.

it’s time to get off the “sale rack” and put yourself in the “precious goods cabinet”