How humbling collecting for the Heart Foundation street appeal today

Lynn Brayblog

Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies of heart disease….

Collecting at Bishopdale mall today showed me just how many people have been affected by poor heart health and how generous people are. It’s easy to see the averted eyes or when someone changes direction to avoid your path and it has shown me that even if it is the smallest amount pays tribute to the effort of many who take the time to give in time, spirit, effort and energy especially those behind the scenes who are unrecognised.

You know of my heart history and I acknowledge all those who make it possible for this extremely high statistic to be reduced.

Please acknowledge their efforts by making a donation today by following the link below


The other ways to donate are:
Telephone 0800 830 100
Instore at PostShop Kiwibank (click to find for your closest PostShop Kiwibank)
Texting “Donate” to 933 to make a $3 donation