How To Find Out How People Experience You!

Lynn Brayblog

IIt Takes Courage To Face 360 Degree Feedback

There is on average a 66% difference between what we intend and how people experience us. The only true way to know how people experience us is to do an effective 360 degree review. The greatest fear is that this information is used by managers as a work place whip, rather than a self development tool.

As a qualified practitioner using a tool where the feedback only goes to the participant, we have seen huge shifts in behaviour as they trust this process to work for them rather than against them.

It take great courage to confront the issues that prevent you from progressing. Check out these facts about Courage and notice any changes in your comfort level. This could be an indication of your fear of confronting real issues that are required for real change to occur.

Facts about Courage

1. Courage is a core competency of Leadership

2. Courage is also a core element of Integrity – when we avoid conflict or doing the tough stuff we
are not operating with Integrity

3. Being Courageous requires you trust yourself – to be able to accept that not only are we not
perfect ( oops sorry to spoil that for you ha!) but also to trust that you can make the necessary
changes that you may need to make to be a more effective leader.

4. The ability to trust is also a core competency of Leadership

5. Courage is the ability to face fear – FEAR being FalseExpectations Appearing Real

6. Courage is the ability to stand up for what is right in a difficult situation – in the face of popular
discouragement, opposition, shame, or scandal

7. Courage is defined as a character strength

8. Courage is being able to act against ones own natural inclinations, addictive habits, and
harmful dependant relationships.

The question is are you brave enough to take a real look at how people experience you in order to become the best you could be?