What a difference it made when I changed the word grateful to thankful

Lynn Brayblog

By changing the word grateful to thankful It allows me to deliberately appreciate the things I have in my life rather than taking it for granted that they would always be there

When I hear people speak about the practice of being grateful my immediate association is with the phrase “you should be grateful”. Instead of having a sense of appreciation it conjures up a sense that I have something that I don’t deserve or that others don’t have. I wonder if that’s from times at the dinner table, when I was growing up, when we were often reminded of those less fortunate than ourselves.

I often hear about the practice of gratefulness and yet on reflecting, I discovered that I experience a degree of resistance when I hear that word. Have you ever noticed that?

Whilst its great to practice thinking of three things I’m grateful for each night, I have found the greatest joy I get with feeling thankful, is those random moments during the day when I take a moment to appreciate how fortunate I am. Overwhelming pressure to do so much, or when things are going wrong are great moments to be thankful and can turn the day around

But the very best time I feel overwhelming thankfulness is when one of my grandchildren either looks up at me with those gorgeous loving eyes or when they ring to share some special news. It’s then that real joy and appreciation for what truly matters that gives me a perspective that I had probably lost sight of in the frenetic pace of life.

I was listening to this YouTube link when I was reflecting on what gratefulness meant to me.

What does it means to you?