“What got you here won’t get you there.”

Lynn Brayblog

We are notorious for promoting our top performers into leadership roles and expecting them to deliver results with their existing skill set which are often different to those required in leading people.

I’m reminded of the famous saying by Goldsmith says “What got you here won’t get you there.”

Our emerging leaders trust us to keep them safe and yet sadly too often we let them down with a “hospital pass”

How to transition your emerging leaders towards success

1. Identify your potential stars early
2. Provide One-on-One coaching prior to promotion with the intention of assessing:
a. How open they are to learning and relearning
b. How aware they are of their strengths and weaknesses
c. How aware they are of their impact on others
3. Have clear leadership competences that need to be demonstrated prior to promotion
4. Lead by example yourself
5. Be their whole fan club!
6. Be prepared to say “No” to candidates that don’t commit to the process
7. Continue coaching during the promotion process to set up success.