When people feel either elated or depressed, they will pay more for something than it is worth

Lynn Brayblog

Many industries attract to them strongly analytical people given the highly detailed and analytical nature of the role. Makes sense doesn’t it. What happens when those people are then required to have human contact. Aarggghh!!!. You may well laugh but I work everyday with people who tell themselves that anything to do with emotions is fluffy stuff.

This exactly the type of stumbling block that prevents people from advancing in their current role let alone into a leadership position.

Deepak Chopra’s article ” The Conscious Lifestyle: A Leader Bonds Emotionally” says

” Leaders who handle emotions well are superior to those who try to suppress their emotions and judge against them. This goes for how they handle the emotions around them as state. As a leader, your choice comes down to handling emotions well or poorly. People who handle their emotions well share certain characteristics:

They accept their emotions; they think of emotions as positive and natural.

They balance their emotions with reason.

They give each side of their nature, the emotional and the rational, a fair hearing.

They don’t make decisions in the heat of the moment if at all possible.

They know the difference between a sudden impulse and snap judgments.

They treat the emotions of others as they treat their own.”

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