Your choice – Fear and limitations or expansion and love

Lynn Brayblog

Many of the problems that my clients face come from a place of fear ( moving away from what you are fearful of) rather than a place of expansion or love ( towards your goals) which is explained in more detail in Deepak Chopra’s article below.

This especially applies to those who find themselves naturally gravitating towards seeing the negative in the day rather than the positive. If you are also naturally logical and analytical then this article may be easy for you to label as soft and fluffy.

Ask yourself – is it more likely this is out of my comfort zone rather than soft and fluffy. If it is then this is more likely to be the source of difficulty you have been experiencing, and courage is needed to not make excuses that keep you stuck in behaviour that doesn’t always serve you well.

If you ask yourself whenever faced with a barrier:
1.) Am I coming from a place of fear or dread?
2.). Does this serve me well?

If you find yourselves wanting to move more away from what you are fearful of rather than towards your goals you may want to ask yourself these three questions:

Three positive scanning questions
1.) Who or what inspired me today?
2.) What brought me happiness today?
3.) What brought me comfort and deep peace today?

It is a choice we can make. If you have seen this behaviour isn’t serving you well then change it. Like any change it requires focus and attention. But it is worth it